Court 13 Arts

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Court 13 Arts Residency Program

The Court 13 Arts’ residency program provides artists at all stages of their careers with the opportunity to create experiential work in a specific context and to meet and interact with New Orleans’ artistic community. Residencies are open to emerging and mid-career artists, as well as craftspeople, creatives, and non-artists who display a level of talent, imagination, conceptual creativity, technique and risk-taking. 

Selected artists will work closely with Court 13 Arts’ staff to set up projects to best use the space and time available. That said, our goal is for artists to be in the position to work without external direction or interference.  

Our residencies are designed to facilitate a balance between work and social interaction by providing the opportunity for visiting artists to investigate new ideas and share differing viewpoints. By having established artists and non-professional/untrained artists operating in the same space at the same time, cross-project communication will occur. 

As this is our inaugural residency cycle, we will work on a project-by-project basis to explore opportunities for public programs —workshops, demonstrations, performances, and exhibitions—targeting all ages and backgrounds. We are intrigued by projects that can by design incorporate community outreach possibilities.

The Fall Residencies are approximately 2 months, beginning September 24 and culminating in our annual festival/exhibition Always for Pleasure Festival, scheduled November 17-26, 2017 (see FAQ for a detailed description of the festival). In our self-directed residencies, artists are encouraged to utilize in-house tools (wood shop, welders, basic hand tools, paint spray booth) and materials, as well as donated and recycled materials from our external film work. Our facilities are a comprised of approx. 8,000 square feet of raw workshop space, and a 14,000 square foot yard. Projects that can utilize this workspace effectively and that can be exhibited within a festival context will be given priority.